Fetish Fantasy Singapore Stinger II Spanking Paddle

Oh my god that stings! Yep, its the all new Singapore Stinger from top naughty adult brand Fetish Fantasy. Fashioned from super spanky lightweight bamboo this spanker will make you (and your skin) buzz for hours with super tingly sensations.

Very easy to hold and use, the paddle is incredibly lightweight but has a bite that is much bigger than its diminutive size. Great for any and all bondage and fetish play and comes with a handy dandy little loop of fabric so you can hang it up when it’s not in use. It’s attractive enough to leave out on display so that your partner can see what will happen if they are naughty!

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Vegan Friendly Spanking Paddle by Fresh – Naughty Fun & Kind To Animals!

12 inches of leatherette fun and not a stitch of animal product anywhere in sight! This is a great spanking paddle for all you ethical lovers of naughty fun out there. Lots of spanking paddles are fashioned from leather which whilst it feels good isn’t suitable for those concerned with animal welfare.

Fashioned in delicious hot pink polythene and featuring the usual Fresh flower logo this is a great little spanker that will bring tingling and gorgeous stinging sensations into your lovemaking. This is an ideal product for those new to spanking in the bedroom. It’s bright colours make it look non-threatening and its soft construction means you can really try it out without being in danger of causing your partner any real pain!

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Check out a huge range of spanking paddle styles at our partner site. Hundreds of styles and every texture, fabric, sensation and shape you can imagine. A great site for BDSM and spanking fans everywhere.


Sportsheets Slut & Lovehearts Spanking Paddle

We love these deluxe leather spanking paddles created by Sportsheets. Specially crafted to leave a special little indent in your lovers skin, they make a resounding “thwack” sound when applied to bare skin! Flexible construction and use of quality leather make this a paddle to be reckoned with!

Special reverse lettering means that your message will be imprinted loud and clear once you’ve dispensed your dose of discipline.

Want to leave a message of love? Try this paddle which features cute lovehearts. A great valentines gift, and we reckon spanking your way to show your love is far more effective than any card!

Although they are cute looking, these spanking paddles deliver a thoroughly satisfying sting that will last for quite some time!

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