Fetish Fantasy Door Sex Swing – Just £25.99 at Lovehoney!

We love a sexy bargain as much (possibly more) than anyone here at – that’s why we were very, very excited to see this clever love swing from top bondage label Fetish Fantasy at such an amazing price.  Yep, for just £25.99 (and with free delivery from Lovehoney to boot) this sex swing is a positively bargainous way for you to spice up that love life and enjoy some thrilling new sensations in the bedroom, or wherever you choose to put your swing!

This clever swing fastens over any door and is a fraction of the price of most standard sex swings. Strong and secure straps loop over the top of the door, securing your swing (and you!) in place to enjoy some amazing and previously impossible new sex positions. If you weigh 300Lbs or less, this is the product for you. We love the fact that all you need to use this fabulous love accessory is a door – and we’ve all got one of those knocking around the house somewhere, don’t we?

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Bondage Love Swing – Kinky Restraints & Positions!

Love your bondage, but also like to experiment with fabulous new sex positions? We’ve just discovered this rather fabulous love swing which will appeal to bondage fans everywhere!

When you use this excellent sex swing you’ll enjoy a series of previously impossible sex positions with the added benefit of a plethora of new and interesting straps that can be used for all sorts of inventive love play! Wrist and ankle restraints featuring strong yet comfortable velcro fastenings can be used with the swing or can be removed if you’re not feeling like a bit of restraint type fun.

Fully adjustable and padded back support can be altered to create lots of wonderful and exciting new positions, and extremely comfortable padded stirrups can be used to support ankles, thighs, or calfs during lovemaking. The love swing can be safely fastened to a secure beam or you can use it with a frame for a less permanent solution.

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Doggie Style Position Strap by Flirt Lover – Deep Penetration & Fab Leverage!

Get ready for the best doggie style sex you’ve ever had, without any of the effort!  This simple sex position strap from Flirt Lover will have you yelping with pleasure as you enjoy all new and more intense sensations in your favourite position.

The padded belt gives fab support and comfort and gives your partner something to grab onto other than your waist or bum. This makes it way easier for doggie style sex as the belt helps support and guide you both so you can start hitting those pleasurable spots with minimum effort.

You’ll feel way lighter when using this position strap, and your partner will feel much bigger! Ideal to take away on that naughty weekend and easily packed away when not in use. Doggie style will never be the same for either of you using this neat sex device!

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