Foreplay Connect 4 – Sexy Couples Game

Not to be confused with a similar looking game with yellow and red chips, this great and sexy game adds an element of skill and fun into your foreplay. Blue chips for boys, pink for girls – who will be the first to connect 4 forplay actions and win the game?

The winner takes all and gets to have all the naughty actions performed upon them by the loser – so choose your chips carefully and construct your own foreplay fun!
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Full & Frank Description!

Each box is packed with sexy fun and includes the board, 42 chips complete with naughty instructions, and some disc holders. The instructions included on the connect 4 chips include:

Nibble ear

Talk dirty

Massage back

Tie up

And more sexy directions. This game is perfect for the start of an evening of passion. A great way to introduce foreplay over a glass of wine and a giggle – a must buy for couples who truly love to have fun together.