Your Guide To The Different Types of Sex Furniture & Using Them!

So you want to spice up the old sex life eh?  You’ve read about sex furniture and its amazing ability to enhance your love life, but what on earth should you buy?  If you’ve never bought any of this amazing lovemaking apparatus before the range of products on the market can be mind bendingly bewildering.

We hope this handy dandy guide to all things sex furniture related will help you to decide what product is best for you, and get into some action bending that body – not your mind!

Sex Chairs

There are two types of sex chair you can choose from:

Suitable For Solo or Voyeuristic Fun

You may have seen these being used in adult movies.  Featuring a multispeed vibrator which is remote controlled, these chairs are for flying solo or for those whose partners like to watch them being pleasured!

These are a great alternative to vibrators as they provide a good solid surface for the vibrator to be supported by and usually feature handles so you can put yourself in the right spot for some very pleasureable sensations!

For Couples To Enjoy Weightless Sex!

Yep, that’s right.  The main drawcard of this type of sex chair is that couples can enjoy the pleasure of zero gravity sex.  Whilst these claims are a little far fetched – you’re not going to be floating mid air and turning backflips – you certainly can use these simple looking contraptions to get into some amazing positions.

Particularly good for “ladies on top” sex, this chair will make things almost effortless and free up your mind to enjoy those seductive sensations!  These chairs are particularly good for people who have limited mobility as well, they take a lot of the stress and weight of those harder to manage sex positions .

Wedges, Ramps, Cushions, Cubes, & Stages

There’s a bewildering array of assorted shapes that are supposed to take your sexual pleasure to new heights.  But what on earth are they?

At a very basic level all of these various cushions, wedges and similar are designed to help you and your lover easily get yourself into positions where you can enjoy greater range of movement and more precise stimulation of erogenous zones such as the clitoris and g spot (yes guys it DOES exist!).  When you use a sex shape it will take the strain out of getting yourself into pleasurable positions making sex a real breeze.

Sex Throws & Sheets

Some items within the sex furniture fold aren’t about getting yourself into all new positions, but enhancing the enjoyment you get from sexual stimulation.  There are many products on the market designed to get those juices flowing through sensual touch.

Available sex surfaces include PVC, fur, satin, and silk upon which you can have as much slippery and slidy type fun as you can pack into an evening.  Most are waterproof and can be easily washed, meaning the only limit to what you can get up to on them is your own imagination.  Break out that squirty cream!

Sex Swings

Remember what we said earlier about weightless sex?  These babies are the real deal if you want to appreciate what NASA claims has never happened on a space ship. Their only downside is that they are rather large and cumbersome, and some people might feel mildly idiotic floating above their livingroom floor in the nude.

If you gave this a go though, any thoughts of feeling silly would soon be replaced by other more pressing thoughts regarding orgasmic bliss!  Many couples swear by these swings as they give them access to positions olympic athletes would be hard pressed to achieve.

They can often be suspended from doors or door frames, although there is a stand alone sex frame product currently on the market which can be easily broken down and stored under your bed.

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Sexy Gift Ideas

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